Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments assess the overall security of an organization’s networks, operating systems, applications, and web servers for exploits or vulnerabilities and provides a baseline for determining appropriate safeguards necessary. A vulnerability assessment from LiquidKinetics will help your organization to provide compliance with various government regulations from HIPAA, FedRAMP and FISMA.

Vulnerability Assessments can dramatically improve an organization’s overall security posture simply by identifying vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for remediation before they become security incidents. Our experts use a proven combination of industry tools (open source and commercial software) and proprietary techniques to probe your network for vulnerabilities as well as test the integrity and effectiveness of controls implemented on Internet facing elements, and identify any potential areas of risk to the environment.

At LiquidKinetics we employ seasoned cyber security experts that will analyze vulnerability results and further validate the findings by using proprietary technology and industry best practices to virtually eliminate all false positives before delivering the report. We can then provide several types of reports (based upon customer’s requirements) that can provide pragmatic guidance as well as prioritization of vulnerabilities and steps enact quick, effective remediation on the customer’s environment.

Web Application Testing

At LiquidKinetics we have performed many web application pentests to identify web exposure and provide and application assessment from the perspective of an external actor based upon information provided by the customer. We can also perform a zero knowledge assessment, based upon customer request. These methods will be an independent assessment of a client’s external internet exposure and vulnerabilities. There will be several manual testing methods that will be emphasized by LiquidKinetics that are based on the OWASP Testing Guide. In addition we also employ the use of many top industry vulnerability assessment and exploitation tools.

Incident Response

Despite customer’s employing the best cyber security products and infrastructure one cannot prevent all intrusions, malicious acts, or accidental errors that can occur. If information security incidents do occur, it is extremely critical for organizations to have a developed and test program in place to respond quickly, effectively and accurately.

At LiquidKinetics our incident response security experts can quickly develop an initial response capability or fine tune an existing capability and supplement your incident response team. Our proven services enable organizations to respond quickly if faced with cybersecurity incidents while complying with required government regulations of their industry. We have an industry proven track record to enable the federal government to effectively respond to incidents to such as network security breaches and denial of service attacks. We realize that the speed at which your organization can recognize, analyze and respond to an incident, the greater the limit of the damages will be. If an incident does occur, we can provide support to help minimize the attack, report the incident, contain the damage, and conduct a thorough investigation. We can then provide recommend improvements to your systems and security practices to further protect the environment from future incidents that may occur.

Security Policy Review

Security policies provide the main guidance to users on how the security posture of the company aligns with the organizational and strategic goals of an enterprise. At LiquidKinetics we can provide a thorough review of your existing policies, as well as providing updates and recommendations to meet both industry best practices, your enterprise’s goals, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Even if your company has yet to develop security policies we can provide guidance to develop policies to meet the origination's goals.

Enterprise Audit

At LiquidKinetics we know the only way to understand the current posture of your enterprise networks is to utilize a centralized audit collection capability and review process that meet both customer goals and required industry regulations. We have proven experience in designing, developing, deploying, and tuning both commercial and open source Enterprise Auditing solutions for our customers. Our approach puts emphasis the people, processes, procedures, while utilizing best of breed technologies to help provide a holistic view of the status of the client’s networks.